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Pricing for a SkippyBAG

SkippyBAG purchase price is $25 each.    Bags can be sent via post or courier, $14 postage & handling charges apply.

SkippyBAG collection is $150 per bag, (300kg per bag) collected. * excess charges do apply.

    * excess weight surcharge is charged @ 38 cents per kilo, bags are weighed at time of collection.

SkippyBAG has additional special asbestos bags to be put in a SkippyBAG, the smaller asbestos bags cost $10 each.

SkippyBAG is intent on being more convenient than metal skip bins.

SkippyBAG has loader scales on the machine and/or crane hook to measure the weight of the SkippyBAG when picking up the bag. When choosing to use a SkippyBAG you are paying for the weight of debris removed rather than paying for volume of debris - the tips charge for disposal by weight.

SkippyBAG can leave additional bags if you are not sure of how many bags will be needed.

SkippyBAG will collect other similar bags (bags that may have delivered sand etc') for the above pricing if considered safe to do so, each bag would need to be assessed prior to lifting, it is not recommended to use the bags that delivered sand etc' again for disposal as these bags are likely to be rated as one use bags, however we will collect these bags if filled and safe to do so - if a bag is considered unsafe to lift than we would need use our grapple bucket and additional costs may apply - our intention is to help and reduce costs so these additional charges are applied in moderation.

We accept VISA or MASTERCARD, payment details to be provided prior to pick up of filled bags. COD Cash payment is accepted by prior arrangement.  Remember that No payment = No Pickup

All Prices are GST inclusive.

To order a SkippyBAG call 1300-SkipBAG or 1300 754 722 or simply email

You can try to call Steve on 0418 274 099 as an alternative

SkippyBAG is currently only servicing the areas of Western, Eastern and Southern Sydney, Australia - generally all areas south of the Harbour/Parramatta River.

Pricing does not allow for Asbestos and/or Toxic Wastes and/or Wet Paint and/or Batteries and/or other Hazardous Materials as deemed by current environmental legislation in NSW - these items may still be able to be collected by prior arrangement but will attract a surcharge and SkippyBAG needs to be advised if any of these types of items have been put in the Bags prior to pick up as additional charges and/or penalties may apply.

Each bag is logged & identified in case Environmental Authorities and/or other Authorities have enquiries relating to the contents of the Bags while in transit or during disposal.

Restricted Items: (Can Often Be Taken at time of collection If Separated)

Some items canít be loaded into general waste. These Items must be separated from general rubbish and are usually charged separately in addition to the cost of the rubbish load. These items are:

Food stuffs, may only be taken to tipping facilities that accept putrecible waste, simply notify us that the SkippyBAG contains food stuffs so we will dispose of the Bag in an appropriate manner.

Tyres, may only be taken to centres that accept tyres. (Limit 1 - 3 per visit) - We need to be advised if tyres are placed in a SkippyBAG.

Paints, are becoming increasingly more difficult to dispose of and are charged on a per tin basis. If you have liquid paint you should dry the paint by spilling it in Kitty Litter or other high moisture absorbent material etc' to allow paint to fully dry - the dried paint often can then be disposed of in a normal manner. Restrictions of empty paint tins exists.

Flammables, are only accepted at a few Sydney centres and must be contained appropriately.

Liquid wastes, must be taken to approved collection centre. (Including car oil & garden chemicals).

PCB's, (Old Transformers etc.) are not removed by SkippyBAG

Fibreglass insulation, & mineral fibre tiles must be wrapped and are only accepted at some landfill sites with prior notification.

Bonded Asbestos & Fibro, Each load removed is allocated an EPA or WSN Authority Number. Asbestos, & Fibro based materials must be appropriately wrapped and taken to approved centres only with prior notification. Wrapping must be thick 200 micron plastic with taped joints, completely sealed. Asbestos is a very common, highly dangerous material. It is strongly advise you not to touch old fibro sheeting unless you are familiar with the safe handling & disposal procedures of asbestos and have appropriate protective clothing, a good  face mask type respirator, overalls and gloves. Don't cut, grind or break any fibro cement based products as they may contain asbestos. Asbestos based material should be hosed down prior to handling to minimise airborne fibres  If you have any doubt call a professional.   * Taking chances with asbestos is simply not worth the risk. *   New laws take effect on 2nd January 2008 regarding quantity of asbestos permitted to be removed by an unauthorized person/s, only 10sqm of asbestos may be removed by persons not licenced to remove asbestos.

We will collect some of the above wastes by special arrangement. If you need advice please do not hesitate to call 1300-SkippyBAG or 1300-754 722 to inquire about the the most appropriate method of disposal.

Our price structure is primarily based on the tipping fees we are charged and other government charges, prices are subject to change where prices of these external services are increased.

                                WSN Environmental Solutions Facilities

                                Department of Environment & Climate Change/Environment Protection Agency NSW

                                Workcover NSW

                                Roads & Traffic Authority NSW

                                Sutherland Shire Council  Hurstville Council  Kogarah Council  Rockdale Council

                                NSW Office of Fair Trading

                      Contact Information

                                SkippyBAG Office number is 1300-SkipBAG or call Steve direct on 0418 274 099.

                                                       1300-SkipBAG       or     1300-754 722       or     9528 2673     or     0418 274 099
                                            9528 2653
                                Postal address
                                            63 Tivoli Esplanade, COMO 2226
                                Electronic mail
                                            General Information:
                                                      Alternate email:     


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