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If you need a Skip - Our bags for you -

Current service are areas south of Harbour/Parramatta River, Sydney.

* Firstly you need to order a bag/s by calling 1300-SkipBAG or 1300 754 722 or calling Steve on 0418 274 099 - we will provide a prompt delivery of bag/s. where practical or we will send bags through the post, added postage & handling fees apply.

* The SkippyBAG needs to be opened and filled in a location where a 1000mm wide wheeled machine that is 1950mm high can gain access from the Street, take note that our machine is 1950mm high, so you need to also consider possible over hangs and overhead obstructions. (If our machine can not access the bag we can not lift it - if in doubt call 1300-SkipBAG or 1300 754 722.

* Decide on an appropriate location for filling of bag, the bag can not be moved once filling begins as the bag carries a Tonne. Attempts to move partially filled bag may result in bodily injury and/or damage

* Open bag for filling.

* Simply fold the top half of the bag over the bottom half of bag, this will provide some structure to the empty bag, ensure no flap or straps are caught under bag prior to filling, as the top half needs to be lifted when bag is half full. Folding of the bag is outward - so top half can be slipped upward.

* Alternatively you can hire a custom collapsible frame to hold the bag, the SkipRACK is designed and manufactured by SkippyBAG - SkipRACK hire costs just $25.00 a month and is collected together with the bag.

* Should you have a possible problem or you are doubtful or simply wish to ask a question give us a quick call on 1300-754 722 - we are happy to help.

* Fill the bag as if it were a Skip - the bag can carry a Tonne

* The Bag has a 1.25 Tonne rating, SWL (Safe Working Load), our pricing has been calculated to 300kg, any excess weight or other unforeseen circumstance will incur an additional charge. If for some reason you have overloaded a bag, the bag has deteriorated due to prolonged exposure to UV or other possible mishap we come equipped to solve the problem. Be aware that the only problem we can not deal with at time of collection is where a bag has been filled out of our machines reach.

* Be mindful that brick debris and/or concrete is very heavy and can only be filled to 3/4 the height of the bag.

* We encourage onsite separation where possible, you may consider a Bag for Green Waste, a Bag for General Waste, a Bag for Concrete Debris, a Bag for Virgin Excavated Soil, a Bag for clay debris such as Roof Tiles and Bricks - to encourage separation and recycling we will consider a reduced cost to remove recyclable debris, this would need to be discussed by prior arrangement and does depend on quantities and our ability to obtain reduced tipping fees.

* Once the Bag has been filled and is ready for collection, give us a call on 1300-SkipBAG or 1300-754 722 or Call Steve on 0418 274 099.

* Advise us of where the bag is located, make sure that no obstructions are in place and gates etc' have been left unlocked so the 1300mm wide machine can drive in and remove the filled bag/s.

* We shall arrive with our truck and machine within 48 hours and simply remove the Bags.

*IMPORTANT -  If a Bag happens to have been filled with some Asbestos, Oil, Chemicals, Pesticides, Wet Paints, Batteries or any other substance deemed to be Toxic by Waste Authorities, you have a duty to advise us that the Bag contains these materials. Be aware that Bags contents are screened upon entering waste or recycling facilities. We can arrange to have any material removed in the appropriate manner but heavy fines do apply for misrepresentation of Bag contents. As each Bag is identified as to the point of Pick Up any fines incurred due to contents of the Bag will be passed on to the Client. We are bound by current Environmental Regulations and pride ourselves on being Environmentally responsible.

According to the FAQS page of the BookABin web site, prices of loads for metal skip bins are generally calculated by the industry at 150kg per cubic meter, SkippyBAG is calculated at 400kg per cubic meter, this makes the SkippyBAG by far a cheaper alternative to metal skip bins.

                                WSN Environmental Solutions Facilities

                                Department of Environment & Climate Change/Environment Protection Agency NSW

                                Workcover NSW

                                Roads & Traffic Authority NSW

                                Sutherland Shire Council  Hurstville Council  Kogarah Council  Rockdale Council

                                NSW Office of Fair Trading

                      Contact Information

                                SkippyBAG Office number is 1300-SkipBAG or call Steve direct on 0418 274 099.

                                                       1300-SkipBAG       or     1300-754 722       or     9528 2673     or     0418 274 099
                                            9528 2653
                                Postal address
                                            63 Tivoli Esplanade, COMO 2226
                                Electronic mail
                                            General Information:
                                                      Alternate email:     


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